Claims Services Network is SIU’s in-house claims department. CSN adjusts claims for several of SIU’s insurance carriers and for the other carriers, we simply record and forward new claims directly to the appropriate carrier within 24 hours.

Three Ways to Report a Claim to SIU: (not including Scottsdale & Safeway claims)

Upon receipt of the loss notice, we will either assign the claim to an in-house adjuster or forward it to the appropriate insurance carrier within 24 hours and provide the agent with a confirmation. The new loss notice must be on ACORD forms since our carriers will not accept claims in any other style or format.

For Scottsdale Insurance and Safeway Insurance claims, the insured or agent should report all claims directly to these carriers as follows:

For Scottsdale Insurance Claims:
Fax the completed ACORD form directly to Scottsdale’s Claim Office at: (480)483-6752.

For Safeway Insurance Claims:
The insured or agent should report all claims directly to the Safeway Claims Department by phone at: (678) 319-4425 or (888) 203-5129
mailing address:
1165 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 200,
Alpharetta, GA 30004.
We appreciate your help and cooperation. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call. your underwriter or Claims Services Network at (800) 568-1700.